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Below are a selection of our most frequently asked questions by customers. If you have a question related to DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) and the services we offer please read the information on this page.
Professional Leaflet Distribution at Competitive Prices

Who Are DOR-2-DOR (Oxford)?

DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) specialise in the door to door distribution of customers own leaflets or brochures. We operate a highly robust system of carefully monitored and managed Post People™ providing a quality leaflet distribution service and are established as part of the DOR-2-DOR network of franchisees.

In addition, we also print a wide range of products through our online print solution D2D-Print. We also offer a full design service for any types of businesses requiring a leaflet distribution or leaflet delivery drop.

What services do we offer?

In addition to our leaflet distribution services we also print a wide range of products from leaflets to stationery in fact almost anything in print. Our online print solution can be found at

We also offer a full design service for any types of business requiring a leaflet distribution or door drop as well as design for any other products to compliment the printed products we offer.

We also publish the unique DOR-DROPZ™ Local Community Cooperative Mailer. Full details on this product can be found at

Which areas do we cover?

In addition to the areas covered from our head office base, we have a growing network of independently owned and operated franchised offices. Our franchisees are required to operate their businesses in accordance with our operational systems to ensure a high standard of service and reliability.

For a full up to date list of the postcodes covered throughout our network, please visit our Areas Covered page.

How much will it cost?

At DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) Leaflet Distribution and Printing, our watchwords are quality, reliability and professional service. We believe that ROI (return on invest is the number one priority). This can only be achieved with attention to detail.

Our professional service with our unique Zone Mapping to assist you to plan your distribution and careful management with GPS tracking of our Post People will give you the best possible return on investment.

Our competitive rates range from £59* per 1,000 households down to as little as £35 per 1000 are available depending on precisely what you want, where you want it and when you want it delivered. (*prices are based on standard A6 – A4 leaflet).

How do I choose which areas I want delivered?

Using household counts from the Royal Mail postcode address file (PAF), we have developed our delivery rounds based on Postcode Districts – these are the first half of a Postcode, i.e., AL5 or SA1.

We take the Postcode districts of the areas we operate in and break them down into D2D Distribution Zones – each distribution Zone is on average 750 homes or individual letterboxes. So with DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) it is very easy to target your preferred households.

The Distribution Zones are available in an A4 map form, showing each delivery round and the number of households. These maps are available to download from the DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) website under the relevant postcode district which can be found under the Areas Covered link in the navigation bar above. Each office will be able to supply socio-demographic information about each round and the likely impact of the customer’s product or service in that area.

To choose your preferred Distribution Zones, simply ask for the DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) Distribution Round Map covering your preferred location.

For the full list of postcode covered by DOR-2-DOR (UK) click here.

How do you backcheck your distributions?

DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) has developed a unique method of backchecking and quality control. Firstly our delivery force or Post People are carefully trained adult deliverers as to the correct way to place the leaflets through the letterbox and onto the doormat ensuring maximum visual impact and potential response.

Each Post Person is monitored on a daily basis using the Delivery Audit Leaflet (DAL) which is posted through each letterbox with the clients material. The Delivery Audit leaflets currently advertise for Post People or an invitation to be included in a National Lottery syndicate by completing a delivery survey. The response on our DAL is always very high.

Furthermore, as part of our backchecking activities we also GPS track all of our Adult Post People to  give you full peace of mind.

Do You Offer GPS Tracking?

Please check with your local office, but GPS tracking using the latest Post People Round Loggers is being rolled out across the network.

The unique DOR-2-DOR (Oxford) Post People round loggers enable accurate tracking of each Post person during his or her delivery activity. We do not charge extra or GPS tracking of the distribution, but your local office may make an additional charge if you wish to have sight of the electronic file or a colour print out.

For more information on GPS tracked leaflet distribution, please click here.

Have you got a question that’s not been answered?

If you still have a question for us that’s not been answered please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Want to let us know some feedback?

If you have any feedback about us or the services, we offer we’d love to hear it.

Please get in contact to let us know anything about a campaign we’ve carried out for you, good or bad. We will always try our best to rectify and issues you may have had, and we always love to hear the good feedback our customers have to give.

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